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You likely have many questions if you are pondering the potentiality of foreclosure. But there is Good News, I can Help!
“I understand the emotional struggles homeowners aregoing through and I am here to assist you in understanding your options & make the best of a bad situation.”
As a licensed Arizona Real Estate Agent located in Mesa I can offer you professional full service process that includes options as part of our Foreclosure Prevention, Short Sell options. Read the Foreclosure Frequently Asked Questions for more answers.
You have 5 options:
Option 1. Do nothing:You can always do nothing to resolve your issues. For this option to be successful in most cases it will require a decrease in living or an increase in income second job?
Option 2. Mortgage (loan) Modification:This begins by opening an official dialog with your lender regarding a process known as “modification” negotiation.
Option 3. Short Sale:A short sale is similar to a mortgage modification in that a negotiated reduction in connection with a release of the lean and title. Short sales require NO pre-approval from your lender and is the only option that can provide meaningful benefits to the homeowner upside down in their loan.
Option 4 Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: This option may only be available to borrowers who do not have a second lien on their property. Generally this is the last option a lender will entertain before foreclosure. In essence this is a voluntary foreclosure where you turn your deed over to your lender without the debt being satisfied.
Option 5. Foreclosure:This is where the lender exercises its legal right to take your property. This is the most damaging to a persons credit and could hinder your ability to purchase in the future for up to 4 years.
HERE ARE THE STEPSStep 1The first step in resolving your problems is a Free consultation and situation assessment. Call Me Now! 480-223-3858or send me an e-mail
Step 2We evaluate your options and determine which of the 5 options best fits within your short and long term financial goals.
Step 3Develop a plan of action.
Step 4Final resolution with your Lender(s).

I know that many people have an attachment to their home. They have poured blood, sweat, tears and money into their home. However the economy has changed things and I can show you how the pain you are feeling now can be turned around for your benefit, potentially increasing your financial position by Tens of Thousands of Dollars.