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Avoid Foreclosure and Get up to $3000


It is true that you may be able to avoid foreclosure and get up to $3000 as part of the Making Homes Affordable program called “HAFA” (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative).


If you’re reading this page it is very likely that you are struggling with a decision regarding your home. It doesn’t matter if the situation was caused by job loss, reduction in business income, illness, divorce etc…


My message to you is that there is hope.


Here are the basics. If you are no longer able to afford your home and you owe more on your home than your home is worth you may be able to short sale your home.


What is a short sale? The term short sale refers to the fact that the homeowner owes more on the home than the current fair market value and when the real estate “sale” closes it will be “short” of paying off all lien holders.


A short sale is like buying a home in reverse. You will need to list your home with a licensed real estate agent (to qualify for HAFA) and also gather the documents needed for the short sale package – this generally includes the Making Home Affordable application, a letter explaining your hardship, tax returns, pay stubs and bank statements. Some lenders require some additional documents as well.


Next your real estate agent will work with you to properly request your lender prequalify you for the HAFA program. Depending on your lender will depend on when and how the documents are submitted.


If your situation qualifies you for the move out assistance of up to $3000 then you will receive the allotment at the close of escrow.


Why choose my as your short sale agent? My services are 100% free to distressed property owners. We list, advertise and process the entire transaction at no cost to you.


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