What Clients Say

Recent Sales:

SOLD in 33 days for 100% of Value – 770 N Ithica St
SOLD in 72 days for 83% of Asking Price – 17219 N Country Club
SOLD in 3 day for 100% of Asking Price – 2705 N Ricardo
SOLD in 60 days for 100% of Asking Price – 517 S 75th St
SOLD in 2 days for 100% of Asking Price – 2337 E Capri Ave
SOLD in 5 days for 105% of Asking Price – 3869 W Folley St
SOLD in 2 days for 100% of Asking Price – 3134 E McKellips Rd


The Scott Team was right there to help us search. The Scot Team put us in contact with a preferred lender who got us prequalified for a great rate. We received priority access to homes in our area. This allowed us to locate a home that seemed to be just perfect for us. Scott helped us coordinate the home inspections and get us ready to close.

Then we got bad news when a very low appraisal that doomed the deal. Scott encouraged us to not lose heart. His team have done an exceptional job of being there to help us overcome numerous obstacles including a second appraisal that was less that the negotiated sale price. Scott was able to help negotiate a lower sale price that required less money out of our pocket saving us over $4,200.00. But it did not end there…

Anyone considering buying a home must call and use Scott. He truly helped me buy my home for less money, with less hassle and I got great results.

- J&L K.


My son-in-law recommended Scott Whitwam and his real estate team to help me sell my house fast.  Scott Whitwam and The Scott Team at Allison James Estates and Homes did sell my home fast; I had three offers in two days. Even though Scott has a guaranty to sell your home in 47 days or less, his unique real estate system ensures you don’t need it. When we listed our home with Scott and his team they went to work implementing The Scott Team’s unique marketing system. Almost immediately buyers were viewing our home which resulted in a sold contract in two days above asking price.

Scott’s ability to advise us on what we should list our home for enabled us to get our home sold fast and for more money. We scheduled to close quickly and Scott’s team was there to handle the negotiations and paperwork for us. Anyone considering selling a home owes it to themselves to list and sell with Scott Whitwam. His team will help you sell faster, for more money and less hassle.

- F.L.


When we met at the house I was able to show Scott that I had partially completed a remodel and wanted to just sell the home as fast as I could and not lose money. Scott showed me what his real estate team could do to help me sell my house fast.  Scott Whitwam and The Scott Team at Allison James Estates and Homes did sell my home fast; He got me a cash offer on my home in just a three days.

Scott and I had discussed the condition of the home, current market value recent sales, best approach and he understood the price I needed to get and then he provided me some exit strategy options. When I listed the home with Scott and his team they went to work marketing my home for a cash offer. Scott’s unique system provided me an option to get a cash offer for my home and at the amount I told him I needed. The buyer even scheduled to close quickly and Scott’s team was there to handle the negotiations and paperwork for us. Anyone considering selling a home owes it to themselves to list and sell with Scott Whitwam. He can get you a cash offer in just days, letting you sell faster, and with less hassle.

- C.T.


Even though there were very few homes available in our price range for the size we needed and in the area we wanted to live in we were able to find a house with the size we needed and for a great price… and a view of the mountains.  Scott’s knowledge helps us negotiate and get under contract even though other buyers were competing against us. His understanding of the buying process, allowed us to buy a home quickly. He even was able to assist us with coordinating all the inspections and helped us find a lender that could even get the loan closed early (before our new baby arrived).

Because Scott has a team of professionals working with him, he had time talk one the phone, answer e-mail and text messages in a timely manner. We highly recommend The Scott Team to anyone who wants to buy a house for the best price and with the least hassle.

- L&M.H.



Thank you so much for your hard work. You have helped us twice in the last two years to buy and sell a property. After a very disappointing experience with another real estate agent that resulted in us losing a bid on the property we were interested in, I am so glad we found you. You have worked above and beyond to not only help us purchase the house we loved at a good price, but also to help us complete the remodel on it. I enjoyed working with you and appreciated all the help so much, that when almost two years later, it came time to sell an investment property that was going to foreclose, I reached out to you again. And once again you came through. I was able to sell just in time to avoid the foreclosure and you made this process so easy. You followed through promptly every time I contacted you and I trusted that you would make it happen. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy and/or sell a property to get the best price and to avoid the unnecessary hassle. If it wasn’t for our experience with you, I would dread buying or selling a property, but now I know that should the need arise in the future, you will be the one I will call.

Very grateful,

- K. M.


Scott made a huge difference for me and my family in completing a short sale of our home. Our home was listed and the sale closed in five months, which is not typical when dealing with Bank of America. Scott simply knows how to get it done. His expertise turned our difficult situation into a great success. Thanks, Scott!

- R.N.


Scott is one of the best real estate persons I have ever worked with. He answers his phone anytime of the day, or will get back to you within an hour. He is very sensitive to your needs and will work very hard to represent you. I would highly recommend Scott for any of your Real Estate needs.

- T.H.


Scott has gone above and beyond on both our house purchase and on our house sale. He’s been very responsive with immediate replies and is very patient about explaining complicated (to me) details. I’m impressed with his good ethics.

- T.M.


Mr Whitwam has been the best agent my wife and I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. When first arriving to AZ we started with another Representative from a different company. While between work positions it was made well known to us by that group, even though we had a home selling in another state we no longer qualified and they would not show homes to us any longer. Scott Whitwam stuck with us for over a year showing after showing while our upstate NY home sold. I’ve been in sales/customer service for over thirty years. Scott knows how to take great care of his customers before, during and even far,far, after the sale. I recommend Scott Whitwam without any reservation. One should consider themselves fortunate to have Scott represent them.

- J.V.


Scott has been an invaluable asset in navigating the current difficult housing market in the Valley. He has not only helped me, but also has assisted friends of mine, and we have nothing but rave reviews. In a recent case, in about two months Scott & Crown Key were able to surpass the results of a previous realtor, who had been working with my friend for over a year and a half!
Scott cares about you as a client, always making your current – and future – needs paramount. He is extremely well versed and professionally certified in the distressed real estate climate. There is no one I would trust more to handle a difficult distressed property situation!

- C.B.


Scott was more than just an agent. He became our best friend in numerous ways….from home bying decisions to fixing ideas. He gave us advice how to pick good contractor and renovations. He even gave us free ride for emergency. What else to say but thank you very much Scott Whitwam. We are lucky to have you as our agent.

- R&J


Scott was very responsive to my email and we set up an appointment to view some homes the next day. He very knowledgeable and answers the questions I had and also provided a very helpful real estate guide.
I would be willing to recommend him to any of my friends

- P.A.


Scott handled the details from beginning to end. No problem was too small to be ignored. It was the easiest acquisition I’ve ever done.

- D.R.


More Recent Sales:
SOLD in 2 days for 100% of Asking Price – 12319 Cougar Dr
SOLD in 3 days for 101% of Asking Price – 26221 S Greencastle Dr
SOLD in 134 days for $5,000 over Market Value – 9533 E Meseto Ave
SOLD in 2 days for 100% of Asking Price – 5534 W Heatherbrae Dr
SOLD in 1 day for 100% of Asking Price – 2502 E Lynwood St
SOLD in 1 day for 100% of Asking Price – 8202 E Hermosa Vista Dr
SOLD in 7 days for $9,500 over Market Value – 526 E Sheffield Ave
SOLD in 7 days for 99% of Market Value – 1822 E Broadmore Dr
SOLD in 41 days for $10,000 over Market Value – 1443 E Jensen St
SOLD in 14 days for $12,500 over Market Value – 4835 E Hannibal Cir
SOLD in 27 days for $12,500 over Market Value – 4560 S Springs Dr
SOLD in 3 days for 100% of Asking Price – 3026 S Wesley Cir
SOLD in 2 days for 111% of Asking Price – 4221 E Cullumber Ct.
SOLD in 4 days for 102% of Asking Price – 3037 E El Moro Ave
SOLD in 6 days for 104% of Asking Price – 1008 E Iris Dr
SOLD in 0 days for 107% of Asking Price – 10464 E Florian Ave
SOLD in 3 days for 100% of Asking Price – 1247 N Gaylord Cir
SOLD in 2 days for 108% of Asking Price – 2458 E Glencove St
SOLD in 11 days for 102% of Asking Price – 930 N Mesa Dr #2036
SOLD in 28 days for 98.5% of Asking Price – 622 N Emery St